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Global Women Media is an independent news agency founded by the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies.

This is an officially registered media and a news agency providing other media with articles. Since 2017, the news agency was known as the Eurasian Women's Community. In early 2020, the news agency was renamed into the Global Women Media.

During 3 years of its work, the website won considerable international authority for bridging together women leaders from different countries. The new name of the website adopted in March 2020 is designed to reflect a new concept of a global media for women who improve the world actively..

The Institute for The Humanities and Information Technologies is a Moscow-based higher education institution established on April 30, 1992. The Institute has been carrying out innovative educational techniques based on creativity for 28 years already. IGUMO is the space filled with mutual respect, professional development, and self-fulfilment. It appreciates initiative attitude, love towards future profession, and readiness to work in team. IGUMO has been the right holder of 'Responsible Education' trademark since 2009. The students are offered jobs even before their graduation during their practical training. We train active and thinking professionals revealing the potential of every student. 


For thousands of years, the Arctic sea ice has naturally protected our planet from the heat of the sun. But now the ice is melting at an alarming rate, putting the Arctic Ocean - and us all - under threat. Declare MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary today to protect this vulnerable ecosystem, and our world.

Be a hero
for a healthy world

To date, all Parvati Foundation efforts have been 100% volunteer-run. Heartfelt, selfless service will always drive our grassroots efforts. Parvati Foundation's volunteers do this work because we love to. But Arctic ice is melting at 14,000 tons a second. Our world can no longer afford to move at the pace of traditional grassroots activism. We have a plan to exponentially speed up the needed public education to awaken an unstoppable call to action to protect the Arctic Ocean - and, thereby, all life on Earth.

Be a part of this journey with us. We can't do it alone. But we can do it together.