Episode 5, "Campus": How can we prepare our society to the unprecedented wave of change we must expect due to accelerating technological advancement? That's the topic of "Campus", the new book by Diplomatic World's Dieter Brockmeyer, he discusses with his T&T cohosts, the innovation profiler Alexander Pinker and the digitalization expert Sanjay Sauldie.

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Once a month "Today & Tomorrow" talks about the world of tomorrow and how trends and technologies of today are going to influence the world to come. 

The podcast is open for expert guests from diplomacy, society and business. The audience too is invited to join the debate.

The podcast is hosted by Dieter Brockmeyer, cofounder of the Diplomatic World Institute and director of innovation; Alexander Pinker, Innovation Profiler and Futurist and Sanjay Sauldie, international digital business expert, coach and trainer.

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