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We are very happy to present the summer edition of Diplomatic World magazine. Energy uncertainty, food shortages, accelerating inflation, the climate crisis and military conflicts. Many worries plague the world population. 

The contours of the global economy are changing. Are we approaching a new Bretton Woods moment? Do the international economic institutions need to undergo sweeping reforms to promote a more sustainable world economic order, fit for the 21st century? No software has ever grown as fast as ChatGPT, OpenAI's intelligent chatbot, which has the potential to be one of the biggest disruptive technologies. 

As AI continues to develop, jobs will be threatened by automation. Therefore, technology is a double-edged sword: it has disruptive elements but it can be at the same time a growth engine for business and provide new answers for better healthcare and a smoother energy transition. 

Some of our contributors attempt to tackle these big questions.Apart from our traditional focus on Central Asia, in this edition we also give the voice to Latin America ahead of the all-important EU-CELAC Summit which will take place in Brussels in mid-July; as well as to the Western Balkans and their collective desire for a clear and credible European perspective, after far too many years in the waiting room. We wish you an inspiring reading,

Artist - Sylvester Stallone

75th Birthday Retrospective - Osthaus Museum Hagen

Press Conference of the Opening of the Exhibition "When Art Touches The Soul"  

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Video - Global citizen forum 2021

H.E. Prof Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, 6th President of the Republic of Mauritius

UAE, 12-13th December 2021 - The Global Citizen Forum is a social action platform built on a community of leaders committed to improving the state of global citizenship for the generations to come. They are bound by the shared belief that citizenship stands for freedom, representation, equality, but also for responsibility, sustainability and impact.

H.E. Prof Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, 6th President of the Republic of Mauritius enjoyed the debate about "The multilateralism matters for the health and security of our peoples and planet" moderated by Richard Quest along with PM Matteo Renzi and María Fernada Espinosa.

Club de Madrid Members 

Video - Take A Step Forward And Be Part Of The Change

Club De Madrid 

Take A Step Forward And Be Part Of The Change

Madrid, December 2021 - Club de Madrid, the largest forum of former presidents and former prime ministers from around the world, has as its main mandate the strengthening of democratic values and practice. In spite of its inevitable imperfections, democracy has served humankind well, making systems and institutions stronger, able to meet citizens' demands. But there is growing evidence that in many places of the world, democracy is wilting away.

Club de Madrid´s Annual Policy Dialogue was set on changing the notion that democratic systems can no longer deliver, ahead of the Democracy Summit led by the United States. It is essential to have a more inclusive and global approach, which does not depend exclusively on US leadership and geopolitical interests. For our societies to address their many challenges, democracy needs innovation, and adapt our leadership styles, information ecosystems and institutional settings to the realities of the 21st Century. 

Video - We Dance For The Planet

Vandana Hart - We Dance For The Planet

Brussels, 1st December 2021 - We Speak Dance, the popular Netflix series, app and soon to launch NFT portfolio, and its creator and host, Vandana Hart, has launched WE DANCE FOR THE PLANET, a global movement to build awareness and ignite the general public to act for the planet, through a never ending catwalk of dancers.

The movement was unveiled at COP26 on November 4 during an event hosted at Hub Culture by Future of Cities, titled "Sustainable Solutions Realized Through Regenerative Placemaking."

After an emotional speech and immersive, world-class dance experience, moving the audience to connect to each elements of nature as a global call to action, and after powerful dance performances, Hart, who is also a UN ambassador and co-founder of the UN Women's Safe Cities Flagship initiative, invited attendees each delegate to continue to dance across the world stage, as their commitment to inspire and unite their own communities to join the movement with us.

"If we really want to change the narrative, if we want to get the whole world engaged, We Speak Dance is launching a movement to engage celebration and for these dancers and musicians to be our agents of change." - Vandana Hart

"We Speak Dance is on Netflix in 100 countries but more importantly our dance ambassadors are in 100 countries and they are dancing for freedom, liberation, women's empowerment, reshaping our cities and our culture. Let's let the artist rise. Let's let them carry us to our true nature, to our true future, to our true possibilities." - Vandana Hart

We Speak Dance is launching a platform, a technology, a dance coin, where the more you dance the more impact you make. We are also launching dance NFTs; each one will be dedicated to a cause." - Vandana Hart